Point Of Sale Accessories

Point Of Sale Accessories

Fully Compatible

User friendly

Easy integration

Supports all common interfaces

Easy to read characters and graphics on CD

Can match any working environment

High-quality keyboards

Menu-controlled software on Keyboards

All fully programmable and relegendable keys

High-quality FlipTop cash drawer

Well-manufactured and secure cash drawer

Screw less innovation design

Point Of Sale Accessories

Reliability and compatibility are the cornerstones of Partner Tech’s extensive range of POS peripherals. Partner Tech provides all the peripherals to complete the hardware requirements for any POS or customer service system. Peripherals that we can provide to you includes VFD customer displays, cash drawers and programmable keyboards.Although fully compatible with many systems, our peripherals are perfectly matched to our POS terminals or mobile solutions giving you the simplicity of a one-stop-shop with the advantage of a single contact point for full support.

Partner Tech CD-5220


2*20 Characters(40 char)

Character Blue/Green

Character Size 9mm * 5.25

Serial / Parallel Pass Through (Opt)

Enternal Power 12V Supply (Opt. 5V)

270 Degree Rotational

3 Different high adjustable

Available in Grey or Black

Partner Tech CD-7220


2*20 Characters(40 char)

Character Blue/Green

Character Size 9mm / 5.25

Serial / Parallel pass through

Enternal Power 12V Supply

270 Degree Rotational

3 different high adjustable

Available in Grey / Black

Partner Tech BCD-1000


40(20 Characters * 2 lines)

Character Blue/Green

Character Size 5.5 * 10.5mm / 7.4mm

RS232C(+5 vdc all in one cable)

336 Degree Rotational

336 Degree Rotational

Dual display supports digital signage

Available in Ivory / Black

Partner Tech KB-128


Programmable 128 keys

6 segment electronic keyboard

5 levels for each lock

Bigger Size

MSR 1-3 Optional

Partner Tech KB-78


Programmable 78 keys

6 position programmable lock

PS2 compatible with 5 pin

Magnetic card reader(Option)

Spill resistant membrane key switch

Partner Tech KB-68


Programmable 68 keys

6 position key lock

PS2 keyboard port

USB keyboard for USB 1.1

IC Card Reader



Width : 410 mm

Depth : 415 mm

Height : 110 mm

Net Weight : 6.8 kg

Insert : 6 Bill / 8 Coin



Width : 350 mm

Depth : 405 mm

Height : 100 mm

Net Weight : 5.7 kg

Insert : 3 Bill / 5 Coin

EC FlipTop

EC FlipTop

Width : 460 mm

Depth : 170 mm

Height : 103 mm

Net Weight : 8 kg

Insert : 5-6 Bill / 8 Coin

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